Monday, August 27, 2007

where's sumo?

hey guys, kaui's mom here. this is the longest time we havent blogged! well, mostly because I've offically been pugged out. school's starting for me soon and just stressful situations. we visted my boyfriends mom yesterday, and she was in love with him. We were deciding on whether we should give him to her or not since I was not able to do my work and watch two pugs at once.

I was pooped! I know what your gonna say, then why did we even
get him? because we are pug possessed! he was great to have, but thought it was best to give him to my bf's mother so he can keep her company. Overall, another issue was he is extremly WILD! i know it's because he's a puppy, but he was one wild pug I might say. Another issue is, i actually don't even know if my apt allows pets?? I rarely see any, but I did see one dog. So im pretty lucky that kaui doesnt bark or cry that much for them to hear. Plus, my boyfriend who's a chef doesnt come home until late at night, so I barely have the time to do my stuff and school work also.

Although when we came home last night, it did feel really quite and empty, since kaui's not a barker. But of course we will go back and visit sumo ( or whatever his name is gonna be if they decide to chan
ge it ) and take pictures to update to all our friends. ;) I wish we could have let him stay with us, but I know he'll have a blast over at grandma's too. We even made her pug posssesed. First she wasent a dog person, but after watching kaui for two weeks when I was gone to arizona, she is pug crazy. When we would visit her she would say hi to kaui first for a good 10 mintues, then realize we are there. lol. So another great idea of her keeping sumo to make her happy. Here I leave you with a couple of pictures the past week. Now here's kaui!

hey guys! mom has been so lazy to update my blog! whatever her, here's me and my bro takin a breather from our hardcore play fights!

sumo out and about! watchin people pass by as we ate breakfast on union st.

heres me! it was so hot that day! we were on our way up to marin past golden gate bridge to visit some friends! that was a longggg day. we went to the park, shopping center, and everything!!oh my dog, it was sooo hot and i was soooo tired.

here's sumo wearing my old doggles. They are toooo small for me now, and of course they made him wear it! I chewed on my bone happily while I laughed at sumo getting tortured. muahahaha. mom said she's gonna upload some videos of me and sumo hangin out, as soon as she gets her butt up! here's one where everyone plus me ;) on the couch and sumo cant get up! muahahha, I tease him by jumpin down and up.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


hey guys whatsssup?? see me and my bro chillin on the couch!

yo mom, why do I have to wear hand me downs?

how about this pose?

my new found love, cords!

pssssst! let me tell you a secret! i'll tell you where to poop and mom will never find out.

lets all take a nap, i am whooopped!

omydog, did you see that on tv!? don't look, let me cover your virgin eyes!

it's rated R! dont peak sumo!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

i'm here!

hi guys! it's me sumo! check me outtttt! whatsssssssup??

hi dad!hmmm...let me sniff you out

mama put me on a high chair cause sister kaui was still unsure about me..

im gonna take a nap! so sniff you guys later!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

sumo wrestlers countdown!

my silly brother sumo is coming home 3 days! he has no idea whats up for him! hehehehehe

Monday, August 13, 2007

poopy face

mom! get off my blog! you've been intruding and posting about sumo ( we have decided! thanks to all ) and not even letting me paw my own blog! (sorry, kaui but this is important! so hopefully your buds can help us out! )

so when kaui was a pup, she ate her kibbles. A few months ago, she started to be REALLY REALLY picky on what she eats. she now only demands wet food, so I buy a whole case of wellness puppy wet (she use to eat it all) , and now that was a waste.

so I try buying some ceasar wet food, and she tears it up under one minute. but for some reason, i don't really trust her eating that food. she itches and scratches a lot after this, but she wont eat anything else.

then natural variety chicken kibble, she touches it late at night just a little bit.
so yesterday, we buy more food. wellness lamb and rice kibble and the wet food.
she eats the wet, but we have to force kibble down. im wondering, the breeder from sumo emailed me saying he feeds them pedigree lamb and rice puppy, but I prefer organic for them.
I dont know what to do! She is really picky and it's starting to frustrate me alot.
another weird thing is she would eat "breakfast" at 5pm or 6!

should i feed them both pedigree?
i have naturals variety lamb and rice kibble to mix with wet food for sumo when he comes,and hopefully he wont be a picky eater..

but for kaui! I do not know.... dum dum dummmmm..

Saturday, August 11, 2007

whatever his name is

7 more days until whatever his name is comes home!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

To spay.

Kaui just turned a little over 6 months! She is a big girl now! I am for sure going to get her spayed, but everything seems so hetic. With Oliver (or whatever his names going to be, undecided still) comming, and ahhhh i dont know. Im worried that it's going to be hard for kaui since oliver (or whatever his name is) would want to play,and then kaui is pretty energetic, and Im afraid it would mess up the stiches! Does anyone have any advice to? Let them play seperately? Also, its about time to get her spayed if she is 6 months right? And last, how long would it take for her to heal? 2 weeks? It should be ok since oliver would still be a puppy.?..

Monday, August 6, 2007

litto brother

that man emailed my litto brother! he took some pictures and sent it to mama. I took a good look at him, and I say he looks better in the screen than person,maybe he should just stay in the computer! He's in fresno right now.. but soon to be a san francisco pug... dun dun dun!

a name for something something

we've been thinking of names for my little brother. Why wont they just pick one! It's not that hard. I mean all I care, his name can be booger, or angus. I think im a little jellyfish. I dont want to be the cold rice! ( kaui, dont worry your not! Your the first love in my life! Your just getting a new playmate, so when we have to "work" or go to school, you wont be as lonely! just teach him where to potty! ) ok whatever mom, anyways, what do you think they should name him? So far, we came up with, Obie, Milo, Kirby, and Yogi. What weird folks they are! I dont know about this...or about sharing my blog with him either..we will see...Then I can blame all my poopies and peepee's on him!! heheheh ohhh yessss, nevermind I will love him dearly! *evil grin* any ideas for names for the little critter?

Sunday, August 5, 2007

kaui's little brother!

we took kaui to pug sunday on top of alta plaza park. We sat around with other pugs watching them play. Then!!! This man who's a breeder shows up with a play pen, and we're all thinking ??? We see a female pug, and thought it was for her because she looked like she was pregnant. Then he shows up with six little puppies! My boyfriend was so amazed, he wanted to get another pug. And so, he did. Kaui's little brother is coming home in two weeks! They havent had their shots yet, so we couldnt take him home, n plus they were only 5 weeks, and still nursing from his momma.

here they are goofin around. it was funny how our little guy with the green collar was the only one coming up to the camera! and yes , he is the one that pooped!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

monky pj's, cookies, & chasin tail

so i finally received my package from ritzy rover! it took about a little over a month to get it?? How slow is that!? First off, when i got the first package, it had her dining mat, and travel food bowl, but no pj's. so i call them and they said it's on its way?? why not send it ALL TOGETHER? that was the longest shipment I have ever dealt with. Why pay for shipping if it'll take over a month. Anyways, I finally got the pj's yesterday, and now it barely fits her. Im disappointed, never ritzy rover again. now it's only gonna fit her for just a little bit and outgrow it really quick, but it looks cute / funny for now. ;)

i just want my kong toy after this...

what you say strawberry yogurt??

whuuuut? you want me to pose how??

*sniff sniff
hmmm, not bad!

I caught kaui in action! She did this for a good 10 minutes!