Monday, October 15, 2007

chicken and rice

moms gave me chicken and rice for breakfast cuz she ran out of food for me! can u belive that?? o well im not complaining! i lovvvvve chicken!

as you can see, i was chowin down!

put that camera down woman! let me eat.

cant... get...that...rice....errrr

i'll save this piece of rice for later as a snack.

then she gave me some spaghetti! i love spaghetti!

Friday, October 12, 2007

good news, sad news

hihihi! long time no blog.. sorry mom has been on the computer most of the time doing hw. no time to blog for me. boo her. its a rainy day here today in san francisco... this is what i see outside my window.

good news is i am ALL better and I have offically recovered! yay. no more stupid stinkin ecollar. sad news is grandma's keepin sumo for good and that means no one to pick at or boss around. when the moms told me the news, i gave her this face.

its ok ill see that booger sooner or later. i guess they bondeded?? newho!!!!!

i guess i don't have to share my stuffies nemore. WHOO HOO!

r u sure?? last time u said that and he came back..

ok back to my pink squid!!

since i healed and recovered well, the moms and dads bought me this! gigantic humungousssss chew thingy,

its so enourmousssss i cant finish it in one day!!

im gonna keep workin on this piece.. so while i do that....have a nice weekend guys!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


hey everydoggy! very long time no blog! all due to my mom's laziness, and me i am offically grown up!

yup.. i said it.. i am s p a y e d. glad thats over with cuz i was getting tired of hearing that word from mom and dad. I hate this stupid e collar.. its soooooo annoying. i cant scratch, i cant chew on my bone with my hands.. mom has to do everything for me! THIS IS THE LIFE!

i get extrrrrra cherrios and stuff!!

so for now.. i am just chillin and hangin out.. with the moms. as for sumo. he is with grandma this week so i can get some SPACE! im gonna enjoy it while it lasts. until next time!

pee s. thanks to clover for the award!!!!!