Monday, August 6, 2007

a name for something something

we've been thinking of names for my little brother. Why wont they just pick one! It's not that hard. I mean all I care, his name can be booger, or angus. I think im a little jellyfish. I dont want to be the cold rice! ( kaui, dont worry your not! Your the first love in my life! Your just getting a new playmate, so when we have to "work" or go to school, you wont be as lonely! just teach him where to potty! ) ok whatever mom, anyways, what do you think they should name him? So far, we came up with, Obie, Milo, Kirby, and Yogi. What weird folks they are! I dont know about this...or about sharing my blog with him either..we will see...Then I can blame all my poopies and peepee's on him!! heheheh ohhh yessss, nevermind I will love him dearly! *evil grin* any ideas for names for the little critter?


Suki Sumo said...

Ooooh! You are so lucky. Mommy and daddy have been talking about getting me a brother so I have someone to keep me company during the day. Being home alone is BOR-ING!

Also, don't be jelly - you're going to love having a new companion!

Ruby Bleu said...

Well...I'm not sure what you should name him, but it needs to be cool like your name. And are the one in charge, ok?

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Maggie said...

You have a very pretty name so he needs an unusual handsome name! Maybe it should start with a K too?

Love ya lots,

Joe Stains said...

well, I can see in his video that his last name might just be Stains, like mine. he is a true staining champion.

I like Milo Stains ;)

Ferndoggle said...

Hey, my name was supposed to be Milo if I were a boy!! So that's my vote. Mom wanted to register me as Mile 'O Minute b/c that's what puppies are (Don't steal that name...I may get a brother one day!!). You could call him Cutie Patutie...that was another one of Mom's boy names...


Amber-Mae said...

Oh oh! I love naming doggies...But you must see from the personality. He looks like he's gonna be a good boy when he grows up so I think he should be named either Billy or Casper or Elliot or Harry or Potter. Hhhmmm, what else? Hope you guys will be able to find a name for him soon.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Suki Sumo said...

Also we vote for Yogi!

Suki said...

I like all of those names! They're cool.

My Mom says if we ever get another pug and it's a boy, we're gonna name him Shinobi - Japanese for "ninja"...hehehe! But you can use it if you like it since we're obviously not getting a sibling for me any time soon :(

Puggy kisses

Suki said...

Hey! I just noticed your tongue is sticking out to the right side, just like mine does! Maybe we're related? ;)

Puggy kisses

Stanley said...

Hey, Kaui!

I've been noticing that we have lots of friends in common, so I'm stopping by to say, hey! I'm Stanley, a rescued Airedale, and ruler of my own little country. Come by and visit me sometime. I am offering you the paw of friendship, girl! (You can check with Ruby and Suki if you need references - I'm their boyfriend).

Personally, I like old-fart/old man names for puppies. Maybe something like Ralph, Bert, Artie, Auggie, Mo... you get the idea. Any way you slice it, he'll be lucky to have you as a big sis (I think - I'm just now remembering your evil laugh earlier...)

Your goober bud,