Tuesday, July 29, 2008

mini hike

over the weekend the dady-o was off on saturday so we cruised around the city! we got some lunch at a hawaiian food n drove down to ocean beach. Around the area was a little hiking place that over looks the golden gate bridge. It was my first mini hiking! Saturday was such a nice day, but sorta hot for me.

my paw pads got sooooo dusty!!

hmmm...whats this gigantic thing?

momma made me pose but i was too distracted by the group of dogs on the other side.

then before gettin home, we stopped by the doggy boutique to find me some new chew stuff. then stopped by this cool looking candy boutique around the corner n found some old school candy! i dont care...i am hot and tired now.

suki sumo posted a short video of her and it was sooo cute! so momma thought she post this of me woofing at the two dogs across the street while dad got gas.

heheh, this picture is random. we found a donut shop that sells this GIGANTIC donut!! look at the size of that it fills up a whole dozen donut box. mom n dad only ate that quarter. n i got a bite sized sample.

Friday, July 25, 2008

giant toy

hey guys! momma doesn't have much new pictures of me lately but she did capture this picture on i photo with one of my new toys. it's this gigantic octopus toy that is the same size as me! so i sat prettty and posed :)

it's an octopus but when i squeak it, it sounds like a duck O.o