Monday, August 17, 2009

im baaaaaaacck!

ok, this has gone TOO far. blame momma cuz THIS is the longest time i haven't blogged! summer has been great. but the main reason we were not able to blog was cuz momma got an internship (which by the way can lead to a job )!! and guess what the cool part is!? it is dog friendly and I have been workin hard at work with her keepin her on track. :) sleeping and getting loved of course!

this past weekend we went row boating at golden gate park. let me tell you, i hate water but i got dragged along!!

work hard and play HARDER! i knock out in car rides everywhere we go.

got to play some frisbees with mom and pops.

sitting pretty at the park asking for bellyrubs!

dont worry. im gonna keep moms on track and try to post as much as we did before. i will never be gone for this long again! I hope u guys missed me as much as i did! :)