Saturday, February 28, 2009

im not fat. im fluffy!

dudes. ok so today i go to the vets because i am shakin my ears so mom & pops took me there n i thought we were going for a walk. but nooooo.

i end up having a ear infection so i had to get some drops.

the vet lady had the nerve to tell me i am overweight! so what?? i am a little over 18 pounds.. n the lady said i should be 14. cut down the treats!?? no way jose. after the vet, i took my mom to the store to get me more liver treats.

i am not fat. i am fluffy. :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

2nd Birthday

today (yesterday) was my 2nd birthday. mommy put on a silly hat on me and made me pose.

give me presents!

how about for a smile?


but today was a good day! I got presents, a huge bone, and a pawsome dinner!! ny steak, eggs, and rice, and a frosty paw for desert!!! YUM!

yes you can believe this was gone in 5 seconds!

smack smack smack!
dont bother me im eating!

Monday, February 2, 2009

settled in!

finally! after about 2 weeks of crazy.. i am pooped out! no more moving for me!

i love taking naps by the window and sunbathe..

momma asked me what i think about the new place

and i told her it aint that bad

because i get to roo roo rooo at the windows whoever passes by all day long!

and im driving my momma crazy with it! hehehe