Thursday, June 28, 2007

lazy lazy

hi everydoggy! today im being a lazy bum..

(notice how kaui sleeps like a little lady with her legs crossed)

cottage cheese anyone?

it's realllllly yummy!

this is my french bulldog side of me. how u like it?

yes, i am the next playdoggy model. this is my front cover shot.

and this will be featured on the back cover. *wink wink

ok mom im gonna jump, so no more pictures!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

kaui knows sit!!

hi guys this is kaui's mom, and i just wanted to share with the whole world that kaui knows the sit command now! i've been trying so hard and i finally got her to sit! now im just trying to make her stand up. sorry if its long.

hello kitty

what the? im no hello kitty.

mom... am i a hello kitty?

mom it's not even raining and you bought me a raincoat. you sure are weird. but i love my chew stick!! yum yum!

what else you got for me mom???!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

new shades

how do you like my stunna shades guys?

dont i look sexy?!

Friday, June 22, 2007

try me

(mom: kaui, i pressed the button and your not working.)
mom, dont you know it's not nice to put stickers on pugs foreheads?!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

yummy yam

so my mom saw porky and brownies blog and saw the delicious yams that they were eating! she went shopping and picked me up some too! thanks mom! paws up!

my paws got fatter after i ate! hehe jk its the fish lens again.

me chillin on the sofa with my #1 jersey. ahhhh so relaxing.

mom, get out of my paw

nap time!

Monday, June 18, 2007

in deep thought...

saturday afternoon, and i was thinking what i should do next to scare mommy off. I thought about it deeply...

duh nuh..duh gonna get youuu!

PEEK A BOO! did i scare you or WHHHAAT? newways... when daddy came home i heard the word "bath" and i knew i was in danger! i had a good escape for a while, but while i saw my dental bone i couldnt resist! I stopped not even for a second and mommy whisked me awayy...

you better give me something yummy after this.... you are right?!

not this again...erf. i wiggled and wiggled but no way outta here. can you feel my soakin paw?!!

ok fine. you win.fathers day was today, and i made sure i gave my dad tons of doggy kisses! my humans took me to a duck park? but there was nothing exciting, so i chose to be daddy's little car supermodel. how you like my pose? heres my gift to you dad, a portrait of me. what could be any better than this?!

what are youuuuuuuu looking at mom? no really, what is it?!!

heres my mom. she's holding me like some kind of object!?!!

she wanted me to give her doggy kisses but nope! mom you held me like im some kind of thing !

you didnt have to try so hard to take a picture of me. happy now?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

on a chilly saturday morning...

first i would like to thank suki ;) for introducing me to all of her friends! PUG HUG!! its a pretty cold saturday morning so i crawled into the sheets with my mom .cant u put that camera down mom? im soooo tired, i am NOT awake! i need my beauty sleep please

okok, im up! you win this time mom! heres me in one of my new harness! dont i look sassssssy!

then i found my dental bone and decided to gnaw on it...

dragged it to my bed. YUMM this is mines, not yours! nananana!

Friday, June 15, 2007

ello again!?!

so mommy got a new camera and on that thing it has a fish eye filter. she thought it would be funny if she placed that fisheye filter on my older pictures. this is me and daddy at standford mall! it was so much fun! so many people wanted to pet me i was getting exhausted! but it was great fun!hehehe.. i do look silly~!
whatcha lookin at?
heres me in my sweater. i might say it is quite comfy!mommy put my harness on the floor and i quickly grabbed it while she wasent looking. i got it over my head and my my humans laugh at me so hard. whats so funny huh?? anyways, it does make a pretty visor though!
mommy fed me a strawberry and it was mui good!! i look innocent here but i lavished it in a nano second! RAWR.whew! so much blogging in a day! im exhausted. nap time!


hi guys! im back! mommy came back from arizona so we are finally back at home now! I was at grandmas house for 2 weeks! and boy did i miss mommy. when she came back she brought me some new toys and even spoiled me with a cupcake, which i ate with lightning speed!

i missed all my old toys too so me and mommy played with my barbell.

you see how strong i am?
afterwards, i decided to get sneaky and go into the towel box and pull on some string. I love it!

Mommy hates it because if i untie the whole thing it's gonna fall on me. She such a worrier.

ok mom, i got it under control. maybe? maybe not! HEHEHE see?! told u it wont fall on me